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Dear participants,

It´s my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the 35th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology in Prague. The first IAS annual meeting in Czech Republic, as it should have been, turned to become the first virtual annual conference in the IAS history as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are the first, but we are not very happy about such privilege. First the one-year postponement of the physical conference and then rearrangement to the virtual one, were heavy blows for the motivation of our organization team.

However, you, the international community of sedimentary geologists, proved not so easy to be demotivated. Finally, we have five hundred registered participants and that´s a very good figure for an online conference. Thank you all for your effort and courage to participate! So for now, let us look forward to five conference days consisting of online keynote lectures, regular talks, short oral communications, posters, early-career scientist activities, and award ceremonies. We have three short courses and even one field trip. I hope this online event will keep our scientific discussions and social contacts alive!

Enjoy your conference time behind the screens of your electronic devices, and I wish I see you all soon in person at an IAS conference, or another occasion, back in normal times.

With the best regards,

Ondřej Bábek